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I am a passionate singer with the purest intention of sharing my voice with the world.

Throughout my life I have struggled with love, loss, coming out, and unfathomable heartbreak, as I’m sure we all have in some sense. As a musical artist, I find freedom and joy in connecting with others on this human level by giving a voice to those without one and speaking to the love and loss we’ve all felt.

My family is a key part of who I am. I would do anything for them. You need a kidney? You got it. Need bail money? I’m there. I grew up to the mantra “positive vibes only” and after seeing my uncle conquer stage 4 cancer and utter this saying every step of the way, it became a genuine part of who I am. As an individual, I pride myself in spreading authenticity, truth, positive vibes, and love to everyone I interact with. I make time for silliness, song, and creativity, because life is too short and the world too serious for me not to share my own brand of positive vibes and artistry with the world as if they were my family.