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Sammie Zonana is singer/songwriter and native Austinite. She provides live entrainment for weddings and special events. Reviews are provides by The Knot

My Proposal Story


It was Sunday, July 17th. We sipped lattes, while sinking comfortably into our teal velvet couch. The morning sun peaked over the roofs of adjacent apartments and cast delicately into ours. We turned to each other and smiled. It was the most unusually perfect morning. 

Looking over at her, my mind suddenly flashed to the small hidden box in the back of my office closet. My heart skipped.

Wait right here. I have something for you.

I rushed into my office - frantic. I took a deep breathe and counted to three as I opened the closet, reached into the back and returned with a small walnut box.

I have a song for you. Don’t open this until the end.

With shaking hands, a nervous stomach, and a racing heart, I gave her the box and began to sing…

We cried and kissed and then, she said yes!

you’ve been letting secret thoughts slip from your mind
like, “I’d prefer our wedding be small and quiet”
white roses center-pieced among bright strung lights
darling, you look so cute when you apologize

I just sit there biting cheek holding a smile
your words making me weaker than you realize
and all your imagining is always followed by
saying something like, “that day won’t happen for a while”

but every time you spoke those words what you didn’t know
is I’ve been harboring a secret I could not yet show
timing is everything or so I’m told
so fingers crossed this moment goes exactly as I’d hoped

A while back I went behind your back and bought a ring
to symbolize the unending love felt between you and me
so here I stand before you with nothing left to hide
asking you if you might take me as your wife

baby, I won’t need anything
with you standing next to me
I’ve never been so sure
Brooke, will you make me yours?
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