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Sammie's Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas, friends!

I hope you enjoyed the holidays and spending time with your families! I know I sure did. As usual, The Zonana's spent Christmas in Houston with my grandparents and the extended family. We enjoyed another successful gift exchange with lots of hollering, hooting, and boozing!

Brooke was off in Florida adventuring with her dad and Cora - tending to the herd of 5 kitties, 2 doggies, 6 chickens and the bee hives. (Yeah, her family is legitimate.) I picked her up from the airport on Sunday afternoon.

That night we did our annual "Core-Christmas". I exchanged gifts with Mama, Popz and Ryino. I got more than I was expecting. Mom surprised me with brand new, stick-free pans, Ryan got me a Yeti 30 oz Rambler (keeps drinks cold as long as science allows!), and my dad returned the gift I had gotten for the gift exchange, a set of hand-crafted, wooden coasters by Diamonds Are Evil (<-check them out, they're awesome). And what did I get myself you might be asking? Great question! Up the street and around the corner, lives my very best friend's parents. Tom, Bri's dad, has been retired for about a year now and has taken up THE COOLEST hobby ever! He makes the most beautiful redwood clocks! Check out the picture below. The thing is seriously sexy. If you're interested in buying one - shoot me an email! 

In other news, I've got BIG news! 

Brooke and I....drum roll an apartment! Cue the applause and confetti! YAYYYYY. We move in 3 days, so things are pretty crazy in the box department. Check back in a week or so to see my new music space and our blue velvet couches.

Photos taken by the Nikon D3300 Brooke and I bought on Black Friday! 

~ Sammie