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The LA Music Scene: A Trip from Austin to Los Angeles

OK. I’ll admit it. I was a little nervous about performing in Los Angeles. LA’s reputation is kind of intimidating. I wasn’t sure what the music scene would be like and I couldn’t help but wonder what would be different…Were people going to like me? Would people like my music? 

There was only one way to find out. 

On Monday night, I traveled downtown to El Cid on Sunset Blvd. This quirky neighborhood fixture offers tapas, paella, weekend flamenco shows, and live music. Mondays are reserved for their Open Mic Variety Show - musicians and comedians welcome. The guy running the show, Mike, was ALL business and he was not messing around. This is hands down the most well-oiled open mic I have ever been to. I had to pay a $5 cover and they made me give them my email. (They later added me to their Open Mic Newsletter - yeah, that's how put together this place was) The show’s order was selected randomly. The place was packed for this one-song-only open mic. I was slotted to perform fourth. I took my place off stage and waited for my 4 minutes of fame. Here’s a little clip of my performance from that night. 

Then I did some touristy things...

On Tuesday night, I hit up the Pig ‘N Whistle, one of the few remaining staples in Los Angeles that still offers patrons a true taste of “Old Hollywood.” It’s open mic started around 8PM in a room tucked in the way back and around the corner. The intimate listening room was full of friendly faces - a few I even recognize from the night before. Once everyone was signed in and accounted for, the head honcho, Mike, took the stage and asked for volunteers. I performed second - it went great! 

So, the verdict?

Los Angeles is very much like Austin except almost everyone was wearing some kind of floppy hat. And the music?? I felt at home. I got a genuinely good response from the crowd. The people were warm, friendly, easy to talk to and really excited about music. LA has a lot to offer and I cant wait to return. The over-all welcoming vibe led me to meet some pretty cool musicians during my visit and I wanted to give them an introduction and BIG shout out in this blog. 

Check out these awesome musicians I met on my visit to LA! Give them a LIKE and FOLLOW! 

David You is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from New York City. He was visiting LA during the same time as me. I gave his stuff a listen and LOVED it. You can download a bunch of his music on his SoundCloud page. 

I met Eric Dash at The Pig N' Whistle. He's been doing this stuff for a while and has worked with some pretty impressive people. Check out his Official Music video for One More Love Song. WARNING: it will probably get stuck in your head. 

  I met  Clare Means  walking down the  Santa Monica Pier . She was jamming out in the cold. Power to her! I bought her album,   War for Love  , right on the spot. 

I met Clare Means walking down the Santa Monica Pier. She was jamming out in the cold. Power to her! I bought her album, War for Love, right on the spot. 


Juliette Irons was one of the friendly faces I had the pleasure of seeing at El Cid & The Pig N Whistle. Not only can she sing and write music, but she's an incredible dancer and choreographer! You can buy her music on iTunes or listen on Spotify!

Los Angeles was both beautiful and fun! I can't wait to return!