acoustic weddings




Bring Austin's Live Music Scene to your wedding.


Prelude: Welcome music that lets your guests know where the ceremony will be located. This can start anywhere between 15 - 45 minutes before your ceremony begins. Processional: The formal entrance of family, attendants (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, etc), followed by the groom(s) and/or bride(s). Recessional: The formal exit of family, attendants, and the bride & groom. Postlude: The music played after the recessional, as your guests exit the ceremony area.

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cocktail hour | dinner

During this time, I will perform a carefully crafted setlist to create the perfect atmosphere for your family and guests to celebrate while enjoying drinks, dinner and each other.a.


first dances

These songs are hand-picked by you. That night, I will introduce you to the dance floor for an unforgettable first dance. 



Fill out my questionnaire or grab coffee with me! I'll take your story and turn it into a personalized wedding song written and tailored to your unique love story. (Please request 3 months prior)


These are the songs you’ll remember forever! Pick a song for your party’s formal entrance, the bride’s entrance and your recessional. Want me to sing your first dances? I’d love to! Whatever you decide, I’ll practice your songs to perfection and know them forward, backward, inside and out. When your special day rolls around, you can rest assured that no matter how things unfold I will time your special requests perfectly.